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Caring for God`s earth

“God put human kind in the garden of the Eden

as its gardener to tend and care for it” – Geneses 1:2

You`ve probably heard about the floods in Yorkshire or Venice not long ago. Or maybe the fires in California, Australia or Siberia caught your attention. All these are effects of climate change. It`s a really big issue that will influence the young generation, our children and grandchildren. The earth is getting warmer and warmer, the poles begin to melt, the temperature and the sea levels rise, some places become uninhabitable…

Yorkshire, Venice and Siberia are only the first steps towards something worse.

The main reason for that is, that we live beyond what the earth can really provide and that`s how we destroy our environment.

What can we do about it?

Churches also have a responsibility for caring for God`s earth. That`s why St. Faith North Dulwich decided to take part in the Eco Church project.

Starting with recycling and using less plastic; to impact everyone’s life, to take care of the environment.

How does that work?

The Eco Church project includes a survey which questions what your church already does for the environment. Depending on how the questions are answered, you can get a bronze, silver or gold award for your church. Also you can improve your answers and get better. The survey is very helpful for that.

Everyone can do something: the more we are, the more we can achieve.

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Practical lifestyle tips and advice on caring for God’s earth

Talking about the horrible causes and effects of climate change includes also talking about things we can do to avoid it.

Each one of us can do something. Nobody is perfect, but we have to start with something small and easy and then improve our destinations step by step.

Here are a few tips you can start with straight away.

(You can choose three of these tips and plan to keep them for a week)


– pray for climate justice, clean oceans, environmental protection

– take public transport, bicycle or walk instead of using the car

– take your own shopping bag (not made of plastic) for shopping

– turn the lights off when you leave a room


– go to different demonstrations against climate change to set an example

– use recycled paper

– buy only seasonal and regional grown fruits and vegetables

– fly less (use train or bus instead)


– avoid palm oil products (in cosmetics, some sorts of sweets and chocolate)

– eat less fish and meat (especially pork and beef)

– avoid micro plastic (in shower gels, shampoos, soaps)

-buy more second hand clothing

We have only one earth. Save it.